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CAD/CAM Conference: 04-05 May, 2018
Digital Orthodontics Symposium: 04 May, 2018
Dental Technician International Meeting: 05 May, 2018
Hands-On Courses: 30 April-06 May, 2018


Internationally renowned experts will share experiences, introduce new developments and share their insights during 13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference.

Dr. Roberto Molinari
Dr. Roberto Molinari, Italy
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    Doctor R. Molinari obtained his diploma as a dental technician in 1986; subsequently he obtained his degree in dentistry and dental prosthetics with honors from the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1993. After having trained with the most notable experts in modern dentistry, he specialized in periodontology, implantology and aesthetic prosthetics. He holds courses for odontologists on the correct use of CAD/CAM techniques on natural teeth and implants. He lives in Mantova (Italy) where he has his own dental practice.
  • Lecture: ESTHETIC DIGITAL PROCESS: Lab side protocols
    The modern dentist who has decided to follow the path of digital dentistry obtaining predictable and constant results, in order to manage properly the complex cases he must know the potential that the dental softwares offer today.
    During the presentation a complex aesthetic case will be described.
    It will be shown how traditional materials, techniques and methods of communication between dentist - dental technician have been replaced with new innovative technologies and protocols of work, and how the results obtained by these processes are better of traditional ones.
  • Lecture: ESTHETIC DIGITAL PROCESS: Chair side protocols
    Technology role is to simplify the work of the dentist who has to meet the expectations of his patients from an aesthetic and functional point of view.
    The final challenge should be "to create prosthetic teeth that look natural like natural teeth".
    In order to obtain the best results from an aesthetic point of view, the modern dentist must know how to manage ceramic and the new materials, in particular on the frontal teeth.
    These presentations will illustrate work processes such as polishing technique, characterization technique, and cut-back technique, by which it is possible to obtain a good final results.

Dental Conference
Prof. Dr. Daniel Wismeijer, The Netherlands
Prof. Dr. Daniel Wismeijer, The Netherlands
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    Studied dentistry at the University of Nijmegen Dental School from 1979-1984. After graduating he joined the department of Oral Function and worked in de section of special dental care and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics. He received his PhD in 1996 on the subject of overdentures on dental implants; “The Breda Implant Overdenture Study”. In that year he left Academia. From 1985 till 2006 he worked at the Amphia teaching Hospital in Breda in the department of Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Prosthodontics.

    In 1985 he started a general dental practice which since 1990 is a referral practice for Oral Implantology. Has been president of the Dutch Prosthodontic Association and the Dutch Association for Gnathology. He is an ITI fellow since 1993. In the ITI he has served as a member of the ITI education Core Group for 8 years. Since 2012 he is a member of the ITI research committee and in 2013 has been elected as an ITI board member at large..

    In 2006 he accepted the position of Professor of Oral Implantology and Prosthetic Dentistry at ACTA Amsterdam which he combines with his referral practice. He is the head of the section of Oral Implantology and Prosthetic Dentistry . The research areas in his section are focused on “CAD/CAM treatment optimization”, “Digital Dentistry, treatment evaluation and workflow” ,” implant surface and bone substitute optimization” “peri-implantitis” as well as “ the evaluation of different implant based treatment modalities”.
  • Lecture: 3D printing in the full digital workflow
    Trying to get around Digitalization of the dental workflow is becoming very difficult. The quality aspects of the digitalized treatment approach are becoming more and more apparent. Dental laboratories are up and running with CA Designing of crown and bridge work and frame works for removable dentures as well as CA milling and printing of these appliances. Analogue impressions are scanned in the dental lab and in this way placed in the digital environment. Digital implant treatment planning has been embraced by many working in oral implantology. Intraoral scanning gives dentists the possibility to get away from analogue impression taking and integrate the digital files into their treatment planning. The dental implant industry has providing restorative dentists with scanning abutments so they can take IO scans of the implants as well. Software is available for dentists using open scanning systems to go further and plan large fixed dental prostheses but also CAM these using milling and 3D printing technology. In this presentation the role of 3D printing in the digital workflow as it is available for dentists today will be discussed.

Dental Conference
Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz
Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz, Poland
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    In 2004 Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University in Wroclaw. As a student he started to obtain his professional experience in a dental practice run by his parents, which enabled him to gain invaluable practical knowledge and skills. The skills in question, turned out to be necessary and extremely motivating while dealing with difficult clinical cases. Since 2002 Dr. Paszkiewicz has participated in many professional courses, conferences and symposia which subjects were related to the latest trends in endodontics and prosthodontics. As far as professional development is concerned, his skills also developed in collaboration with the prestigious dental clinics in Wroclaw (Poland).
    Currently, Paul Szuba-Paszkiewicz with passion and precision carries out treatments of complex medical procedures in the field of CAD/CAM prostho-dontics, full-mouth rehabilitations, and minimal-invasive aesthetic dentistry. In cooperation with Carestream Dental, Harvard Dental, Lasotronix, Cer-kamed, Tokuyama Dental and OrangeDental he conducts research on the use of photoactive disinfection (PAD) in the treatment of periodontal / periapical diseases. Nowadays his professional interest are focused on Digital Dentistry with its complete workflow. He has put forward and implemented his own in-novatory procedure of tissue retraction during digital prosthodontic proce-dures (DiaC-Traction - Diatherm-Guided Chemo-Mechanical Retraction), as well as innovative fast and complex smile designing protocol. Apart from his work, he is a keen snowboarder and a guitar player.
  • Lecture: Digital prosthodontics - planning & scanning full protocol and case reviews

Dental Conference
Prof. Ross Hobson, UK
Prof. Ross Hobson, UK
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    Ross graduated from the University of Newcastle, has Fellowships from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Glasgow, Edinburgh and England. His MDOrth is from the RCPS Glasgow). He was the first dentist to be awarded the prestigious Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy

    He has worked in Birmingham, Dundee, Glasgow, Newcastle, and Sheffield dental schools. His specialist orthodontic training was completed in Dundee. From 1992 to 2009 he was at University of Newcastle upon Tyne, as Senior lecturer/Consultant, Head of Department and the MSc/ Specialist training program in orthodontics. He has published over 60 refereed articles on Orthodontics, hypodontia, dental materials and education.
    He was Chair of CCDAS (the BDA academic committee) and a member of the BDA Executive Board from 2004-2008. He was awarded the BDA Fellowship in recognition of his work for the profession in 2010.

    Ross resigned from Newcastle Dental School in April 2009 to establish Windmill Dental Suite, the NE of England’s first private multi disciplinary specialist practice. In 2012 he and his partners established Windmill Orthodontic Group with 7 practices across the North of England. He was appointed to the Chair in Orthodontics at UClan in 2012 to develop part time specialist orthodontic training in primary care. In 2011 he and Lester Ellman launched Oralign Ltd. Ross left Oralign and joined IAS Academy in 2015 where he is training director. His passion is making orthodontics simple and accessible to everyone.

    In his spare time Ross is an international yachtsman, holding a number of major race wins and records including the Scottish Islands Peaks Race, 2 handed Round Britain and Ireland Race, The Transat Jacques Vabre Race, Plymouth to La Rochelle Cross Channel World record and the Bermuda to UK Transatlantic World Record.
  • Lecture: Improving Planning and Predictability Using Digital Workflows in Ortho-restorative Cases
    Digital smile design and planning is a fast growing area of both cosmetic density and orthodontics and with increasingly IT literate patients it is essential that clinicians use digital planning to the full potential and also use the technologies to improve efficiency of their workflow. In addition, digital technologies can be used to assist and guide the patient in making informed decisions based upon greater accuracy of the predicted outcome.
    The lecture will explain and demonstrate how digital planning combined with an integrated digital workflow between clinician, laboratory and patient work in practice results in efficiencies in both time and cost.

    1. To understand the currents state of digital planning in orthodontics and restorative dentistry
    2. To understand how the use of a workflow between clinician and laboratory enables greater predictability of treatment outcome
    3. Realise the importance of using digital technologies in helping patient understanding of treatment outcome
    4. Be able to make use of digital workflow in patient management and hence improve predictability of outcome

Dental Conference
Digital Orthodontics
Dr. Francesco Garino
Dr. Francesco Garino, Italy
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    • M.D. degree University of Torino
    • Ortho specialist Universiy of Padova
    • EBO certified (European Board of Orthodontics)
    • SIDO ordinary member
    • Member American Association of Orthodontics(AAO), European Society of Orthodontics(EOS), European Society of Lingual Orthodontics(ESLO), Fellow WFO
    • President elect European Aligner Society 2018-2019
    • Chief Dental Officer Winter Olympic Games Turin 2006
    • Author of more then 70 articles both on italian and foreign journals
    • Speaker in congress in Europe, Middle East e USA
    • Clinical interest aimed toward self ligating systems, early treatments, digital technologies, treatments with aligners, intraoral scanners and 3D printing
    • Member of European Advisory board Align technology
    • Member International Steering board Align technology
    • Speaker Align technology since 2008
  • Lecture: How intraoral scanner changed my practice
    Within this presentation Dr Garino will share his experience on how he introduced intraoral scanning in his orthodontic practice 8 years ago, which are the strong points on using a scanner in a modern orthodontic practice, which were and are the challenges in the learning curve and how the workflow changed over the time. The speaker will share which are the procedures were an intraoral scanner can replace the conventional procedures both in diagnostics and clinical steps.

    Clinical examples will be presented were it will be emphasized the importance of precision and where intraoral scanning can be more detailed if compared with conventional procedures. It will be presented also in which orthodontic techniques intraoral scanning are today integrated, both with fixed appliances and aligner orthodontics. A part of the presentation will be used to introduce the integration of intraoral scanning with 3D printing, one of the latest innovation indentistry. Last but not least it will be explained how this digital technology can affect communication with patient during the different stages of the orthodontic experience.

Dental Conference
Digital Orthodontics
Dr. Khaled Hazem Attia, Egypt
Dr. Khaled Hazem Attia, Egypt
  • Show CV
    B.D.S. Of Oral Surgery: Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. May 1991.
    M.D.S. Of Orthodontics: Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, April 1996.
    Ph.D. Of Orthodontics: Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. March 2000
    Professor of Orthodontics: Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University. July 2011
    Visitor Professor of Orthodontics Faculty of oral and Dental Medicine, Future University.
    Lecturer in accredited program for Morth Edinburgh
    AAO Ambassador from 2014
    International member of AAO
    International member of WFO
    International member of SIDO


    - Are self-ligating brackets' slots dimensions accurate?
    Accepted for publication on 2017 in International Orthodontics Journal Publication of the European college of Orthodontics.

    - Impact of age, gender, profession and marital status on 3d facial perception
    Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research, 2016 3(1), 1-7.

    - Three-dimensional effects of the mini-implant–anchored Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device: A randomized controlled trial
    The Angle Orthodontist, 2016, 86(2),292-305.

    - Comparison of patient acceptance of the Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device with and without mini-implant anchorage: A randomized controlled trial
    American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 2015, 148(5), 755-764.

    - Achieving Early Bond Strength: A Solution
    Orthodontic Update, 2012, 5(4), 122-124.

    - Three-dimensional dental measurements: An alternative to plaster models
    American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 2010, 137(2), 259-265.

    - Accuracy of cone beam-derived lateral cephalometric radiographs.
    Egyptian orthodontic journal 2010, 37: 25-35.

    - Comparison between the effect of lingual and labial appliances on patients discomfort during 3 months of treatment.
    Egyptian dental journal 2010, 56: 2135-2144

    - Soft tissue cephalometrics: an overdue evaluation
    World journal of orthodontics 10(4):301-4 · December 2009.

    - Loss of anchorage of miniscrews: A 3-dimensional assessment
    American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 2009, 136(5), 700-707.

    - Comparison of dentofacial cephalometric measurments with digital versus conventional cephalometric analysis
    Egyptian dental journal Jan 2009, 55 : 2529-2536.

    - Prevalence of Mouth Breathing as etiologic factors of malocclusion in a group of Egyptian School Children
    Egyptian dental journal 52(2):703-6 · April 2006.

    - The effect of variation in base design on the bond strength of orthodontic brackets
    Egyptian dental journal 52(1):435 · January 2006

    - Salivary ph in orthodontic and non-orthodontic patients
    Egyptian dental journal 51(2):719 · January 2005.

    - Evaluation of the best fit commercially available customized memory wires arch form for the Egyptian adults group
    Egyptian dental journal 49(2.2) · April 2003.

    - A comparison of three different myofunctional appliances in the treatment of class ii division 1 malocclusions
    The European Journal of Orthodontics 24(5):533 · October 2002.
  • Lecture: The Role of CBCT in evaluating Carriere® Motion Appliance

Digital Orthodontics
Prof. Khaled Balto
Prof. Khaled Balto, KSA
  • Show CV
    Khaled graduated from King Abdulaziz University school of dentistry in 1993. In 2001 he got certificate of endodontics from Harvard school of dental medicine and Doctor of Science degree in Oral biology-immunology from Harvard University, school of medicine. At the same year he was awarded the Alvein Krakow award from Harvard university for outstanding achievements in research, clinical care and professionalism in endodontics.

    Currently, Khaled is a professor and chair of endodontics at King Abdulaziz University. Director for post graduate studies and training programs in endodontics and deputy director for the osteoporosis research center in KSA. Khaled holds private practice limited to micro-endodontics in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

    Khaled has been lecturing extensively nationally and internationally since 2003. Has contributed with more than 280 lectures and 77 full day or tow days endodontic courses with hands-on training component. He also, has many indexed publications in the field of clinical endodontics and in the fields of basic science related to endodontics.
  • Lecture: Digitized Endodontics : clinical applications and beyond
    In the field of endodontics; digital technologies that support the basic goals of diagnosis and modern treatment modalities are becoming reality and part of our day to day practice. Incorporating these technologies is not an added cosmetics to the dental clinics, but strong assist to enhance diagnosis accuracy and improve and treatment outcomes. An important beneficial of incorporating these technologies is the dentist with improved efficiency and ergonomics. The propose of this lecture is shed the light on the clinical applications of digital technology in the field of endodontia.

    After attending this lecture the participants should be able to :
    - Define digital technology and discuss how it changed the way we practice endodontics
    - Enumerate and clinically correlate the clinical applications of digital technologies in endodontics
    - Realize why micro-surgical approaches for managing endodontic failures result in significantly better treatment results
    - Understand how the mechanism of hard tissue cutting has changed with the utilization of digital sound energy in endodontic practice (ultrasonics and piezoelectric )
    - Overveiw some of the promising clinical application of lasers in clinical endodontics

Dental Conference
Dr. Jan Paulics, Denmark
Dr. Jan Paulics, Denmark
  • Show CV
    Dr. Jan Paulics received his DDS from Karolinska Institute, Stockholm in 1993. He has practiced in both municipal and private dental clinics specializing in implant surgery and dentoalveolar surgery - with a focus on prosthetic driven surgery using digital planning tools and surgical guides for the past 10 years. Jan has worked for the Swedish state as project manager for acquiring and implementing practice management solutions as well as being involved in the selection of digital imaging solutions for its dental practitioners. Most recently working as an oral surgeon for the Eastman Institute in Stockholm, Jan is currently an Application Specialist at 3Shape. He continues to lecture for implant manufacturers and dental laboratories.

Dental Conference
Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
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    Born in 1962 in the Netherlands. Graduated in dentistry in 1987 at the University of Utrecht, NL and emigrated to Italy in the same year. Operating in a private dental office at Calusco d’Adda(BG, Italy) since 1990 as a general practitioner. First approach to periodontal and implant surgery and implant supported prosthodontics in 1993, continuously updating professional knowledge and skills following lectures and attending courses.

    Lectures and gives hands-on courses on implant related as well as periodontal plastic surgery subjects since 2007. A strong focus on digital treatment planning aided by all means of digital support systems as intra-oral scanning, cbct-scanning and implant planning softwares. Recently integrated in the clinical protocol calibrated smile design procedures for planning and patient communication. Prosthodontic finalizing of (implant) treatment is ever more shifting to CAD-CAM procedures that perfectly combine with and follow up into digital planning.

    Member of the Dutch Society for Periodontology.

    Author of clinical follow-up studies on tapered and narrow implants. Currently doing research regarding accuracy of different methods and components for intra-oral scanning.
  • Lecture: Innovative protocols and products in digital dentistry
    In a world of rapidly evolving technologies maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists and dental technicians can interact in the same digital patient file to obtain a multi-specialist diagnosis and treatment plan. This presentation aims to indicate values and risks of digitizing dentistry and will identiff the most important obstacles from the initial diagnostic stages through to the delivery of the final prosthesis, underlining the importance of constant communication between dental practice and laboratory.

Dental Conference
Jürgen Feierabend, MDT, Germany
Jürgen Feierabend, MDT, Germany
  • Show CV
    Further tranings about
    - Complete denture prosthetics at the „Lindauer Zahnfabrik“
    - Functioning of complete denture prosthetics by Gerber
    - Fundametals of gnathological waxing-up
    - DeguDent’s CAD/CAM systems in Düsseldorf, Germany
    - Rational/functional layering techniques at DeguDent
    - Workshop „Anterior Teeth Aesthetics“ with J.Peters from DeguDent

    Professional milestones
    2011 – present
    Dental technician, lecturer and trainer for national and international CAD/CAM courses at Zirkonzahn, Italy

    2000 – 2010
    Dental technician, operating in the fi elds of ceramic restorations, telescope and attachment techniques at the Praxislabor Grosse – Lordemann in Brilon, Germany

    1992 – 1999
    Dental technician, operating in the fi elds of ceramics, precious metal, complete denture prosthetics and customer service and head of offi ce of the prosthetics department the Laboratory Ludger Wagner in Bad Fredeburg, Germany
  • Lecture: Improving patient care through modern technology
    Virtual planning and designing of dental prosthesis has become an indispensable factor in modern dentistry and dental technology. The usage of new technologies results in greater accuracy, speed and efficiency, leading to improvements in patient care. Furthermore, computer-based guided implant surgery is minimally invasive and requires a shorter chair time and fewer appointments than traditional methods.

    In his lecture, MDT Jürgen Feierabend from the South Tyrolean company Zirkonzahn, will explain and demonstrate its perfectly combined digital and analogue workflow. The Zirkonzahn CAD/CAM software has been developed with the aim to put together a software package in which all the existing modules are linked together to provide the user with a complete solution within a single software. By demonstrating the single software components and their distinctive features, Feierabend will describe new possibilities in treatment planning that allow bringing the patient data from the analogue into the digital environment.

    In this context, he will mention the PlaneSystem®, the appropriate device to record the authentic patient situation, creating a precise starting point for all subsequent steps. The PlaneSystem® captures and identifies the natural position of the maxillary arch, the individual occlusal plane and any associated natural asymmetries. Together with the Face Hunter 3D facial scanner, used for photo-realistic 3D digitisation of patient faces, it guarantees a planning reliability for the dental technician, the dentist and the patient, since the tooth restoration can be realised based on the patient’s physiognomy, taking into account bone asymmetries and resulting muscular compensation.

    Feierabend will display further innovations achieved by modern CAD/CAM technology, show a range of material options and different patient cases, giving answers to the difficulties encountered during their planning and fabrication.

Dental Conference
Dental Technicians
Eric Berger, DT, France
Eric Berger, DT, France
  • Show CV
    Master dental prosthetist.

    Passionate about his profession, he defends an approach to high quality of the denture. After a scientific tray, he obtained a certificate of mastery at the higher National Institute of crafts continued his training in Germany and then creates the DENTAL-TECHNIQUE-BERGER laboratory in 1989.

    The laboratory has become Master Lab VITA develops dentures in the fields of ceramics, combined work, implantology. For each case the close collaboration between the dentist and the prosthetist has proved to be an unconditional quality factor. Studies of the various techniques of dental ceramic (ceramic-metal, ceramic pressed, computer aided design) have led the laboratory for the creation of a unique ceramic.
    Since 2006, trainer for the SIRONA company laboratory was the first in France to test and approve the SIRONA CONNECT system. Colorimetry and search for individualization of each case final studies resulted in a specific Concept Art and dental ceramics.
  • Lecture: Aesthetic Restorations CAD/CAM: Indication and selection of materials
    As a dentist or dental technician you need a system that represents a perfect match to your daily challenges - a system which enables you to save time, to respond more flexibly, and safeguard the future of your laboratory. To break the chains of dependencies, manufacturers offer a wide range of machines that help you to use your time to the outmost: Processing of the widest possible range of production options, largest selection of materials and an unrestricted indication variety.
    In an age where our society takes more pride about their physical appearance than ever, let us help to provide them with a perfect smile! Together we will take a look into the possibilities of digital aesthetics.
  • Lecture: Aesthetic realization with VITA" :Cut back on VITA block
    With samples cases of Layering technic on Vita materials, we try during this lecture to answers at those questions: How to catch the shade? What kind of pictures we need? Why making a digital cut back?
Dental Conference
Dental Technicians
Rik Jacobs, The Netherlands
Rik Jacobs, The Netherlands
  • Show CV
    Rik Jacobs is born on 29 May 1970. He studied International Marketing Management in The Netherlands. Since 2000 he worked for Vertex Dental B.V. Since 1 January 2008 is member of board of directors/shareholder. In the present job he is responsible for Business Development, Marketing and Sales. He created The Vertex Dental Academy in 2007 and opened offices together with the board in Singapore and China showed incredible grow figures and all these successes leaded to the title of Export Manager in The Netherlands in 2007. Besides, Vertex Dental reached 2nd in the Jan Huyghen van Linschoten Price in 2008.
  • Lecture: High Speed Biocompatible 3D printing solutions for Dental
    Additive manufacturing dental production

    Content Type:
    New application, New technology

    3D Systems is bringing a revolutionary new technology to market which will expand the role additive manufacturing plays in the Dental industry.
    The portfolio will add important factors for the customers including improved accuracy and repeatability, lower total cost of operations, and increased productivity. With the launch of this product and portfolio of materials, 3D printing Dental Production, Prototyping and Sacrificial Prints will become possible for the mass majority.
    Customized and configured product solutions by customer use cases and applications will be key. This portfolio will deliver a high speed productive solution with guaranteed accuracies which meets all the required regulatory approvals. In close cooperation with our professional reseller network a trustworthy workflow will be offered with professional training and service.
    By focusing on the customer needs and offering several product solutions we intend to relieve the client in every stage of his process.

    With this technology Final Crowns, Bridges, Dentures and Orthodontic biocompatible appliances can be printed in an economical, sustainable and productive manner. The user will not only be supplied with the technology but will also receive the necessary training and service levels to enhance the market approach.

    - Identify the latest technology trends impacting Dental laboratories.
    - Understand how the newest 3D printing technology can benefit their workflow.

Dental Technicians
Mr. Aiham Farah, Syria
Aiham Farah, CDT, Syria
  • Show CV
    Aiham is a Certified Dental Technician by the national board for certification in USA 2007, with a specialty of (Dental Ceramic Material), currently he is a Consultant & Trainer for IvoclarVivadent company, in the region of near east & orient since 2009 with a more than 25 training session a year. Aiham is also a speaker in dental local and international conferences, and demonstrator in courses and workshops for dental teams in MENA region. He writes and publishes articles in dental magazines like (Reflect, Dental Tribune, Dental Labor, Arab Dental News), and presents in seminars for dental education programs and universities. He is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry AACD, and has been awarded (best esthetic case) MENA 2013, and (best contribution in Digital Dentistry Excellence Award) MENA 2015. Additionally, he was a lecturer in Al-Kalmoon University, Dental Technology Division in Syria in 2010, next to running his esthetic line private laboratory. Aiham is an Associate University Degree holder in Dental Laboratory Technology from Albalqa University in Jordan 2002, and American Evaluation of Academic Credentials by Queens College, University of New York, USA in 2006.
  • Lecture: With 100 Million restorations globally... still to learn about e.max.
    With a fraction of 96.8 survival rate, The material is used in the dental laboratory in conjunction with either press or CAD/CAM technology, years of clinical experience confirm the high strength of e.max, however The outstanding performance of the material is based on a combination of excellent flexural strength and punitive handling process of fabricating restorations; based on the manufacturer’s years of development and testing with the best instructions to use this material, hence a checklist of requirements before starting any case must be considered. For example; stump and preparation, Thickness, Shade, Indication, Cementation, Working Technique, Patient desire, Digital or analog, natural color or Bleach ...etc. furthermore, these requirements must be agreed upon between every dentist and respective lab technician, all these requirements are fundamental factors in order to achieve a robust, long lasting, esthetically pleasing restorations, because the more knowledge gained regarding the handling, the higher the success rate.
  • Lecture: The knows and how’s of flawless lab-fabricated dental restorations.
    While new products and technological advancements impact our profession positively, a new burden rests on technicians to continuously educate themselves on the properties and applications of the new restorative material. However, it is essential to remember that the final restorative result is based on the experience and judgment of the technician and clinician, and the communication and understanding between them. in this lecture we will highlight the key factors of every fabricating step that contribute in a flawless dental restoration.
Dental Conference
Dental Technicians

Mr. Philippe De Moyer, Belgium
Philippe De Moyer, Belgium
  • Show CV
    ACADEMIC TITLES: Master Dental technician.
    • 42 years experience in global dental field.
    • 17 years experience in guided surgery.
    • Founder of different Dental Laboratories.
    SCIENTIFIC Studies:
    • Analytic study with the university VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel): “Tools, technology, research for implant placement with guided system” (service Professor Peter Bottenberg).
    • Analytic heat study regarding Zircon drills with the university VUB (service Professor Peter Bottenberg).
    • Applied research in guided surgery on patients VUB (service Professor Georges Wackens).
    SCIENTIFIC publications: Quintensens, Dentalforum,
    Developments and inventions:
    • Inventor of 7 patents in the dental implants and dental implant guided surgery.
    • Creator of the 2INGIS system with the focus on the development of analytic software and patient individual surgical guides for dental implant placements avoiding the problems from the standard central sleeve surgical guides. The goal of the technic is offering dentist and surgeons the possibility to use all surgical technics like drilling, bone expanding, bone condensations, piezo surgery, sinus lifting ,…. by a guided way. The technic is also focusing on all the patients security aspects and the prosthetic expectations.

Dental Technicians
Bill Marais, RDT, SA
Bill Marais, RDT, SA
  • Show CV
    Bill Marais is trained in and has extensive experience in all aspects of dental technology, including crown and bridge, neuromuscular dentistry, (neuromuscular) dentures and implant work. Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetic Science in Cape Town, South Africa. His lab is specialized in (and is known for their success with) complex cases, including implant work, neuromuscular cases and high-end aesthetic restorations. Bill is a leading Key Opinion Leader for Initial for GC America.

Dental Conference

Hands-On Courses

Dr. Vesile Nuket Berk, Turkey
Dr. Vesile Nuket Berk, Turkey
  • Show CV
    President of the Turkish Society of Laser Dentistry (TURSOLA), Dr. Vesile Nuket Berk from Ankara, Turkey, graduated from Ankara Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 1978. She went on to complete her PhD. in Orthodontics in 1983 and her Mastership in Laser Dentistry in 2004 at Vienna University.

    Dr. Vesile Nuket Berk started as a private orthodontist at her own practice in 1983. In 1995 she opened a multidisciplinary clinic, Denta Form in Ankara.

    Working with lasers since 2000, she lectures on the subject in South Africa, Germany, USA, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Taiwan, England, Austria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Poland, UAE, Turkey and has published many clinical articles about laser assisted Orthodontics and Pediatric dentistry.

    She works in her own private dental clinic (Denta Form) as the founder, an Orthodontist, cosmetic dentist, laser dentist and works with her daughter, Dr.Gizem Berk.
Hands-On Course: Lasers in Dentistry
Dr. Gizem Berk, Turkey
Dr. Gizem Berk, Turkey
  • Show CV
    Dr. Gizem Berk was born in Ankara, Turkey and graduated from Istanbul Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2003 with honours. She completed her MSc in Laser Dentistry in Germany, RWTH Aachen University in 2007. She has been working with lasers since 2003 and lectures internationally throughout Germany, South Africa, USA, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Taiwan, England, Austria, Ukraine, Poland, UAE, Turkey and has published many clinical articles about lasers in dentistry.

    She works in her own private dental clinic (Denta Form) with her mother Dr Nuket Berk in Ankara, Turkey since 2003 and she is an academic co-worker of AALZ (Aachen Laser Center) since 2011.

    Besides being a laser dentist she is a professional rock music composer, lyricist and singer in Turkey. She has 2 albums, 2 singles available worldwide and many music videos on Youtube.
Hands-On Course: Lasers in Dentistry
Asst. Prof. Dr. Cagdas Kislaoglu, Turkey
Asst. Prof. Dr. Cagdas Kislaoglu, Turkey
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    Studied dentistry at the University of Marmara Dental School from 1995-2000. After graduating joined the department of Prosthodontics. He received his PhD in 2005 on the subject of fracture resistance and margin adaptation of zirconium bridges.

    After the year 2000 he started a private practice focusing on Cosmetic Dentistry. His field of attentions are CAD\CAM dental treatments and smile design. Since 2009 he is doing several makeover shows on national television focusing on one day smile design makeovers. Since 2013 he is a part time Associate Professor In the Department of Oral Health Sciences and Technologies in Beykent University.

    He is a national and international speaker and a certified CEREC trainer for dentists.
Hands-On Course: ● Minimal Invasive and Non Prep Veneers Smart Smile Design with Veneers ● The Digital Smile makeover workflow and simple dsd using smartphones
Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile
Dr. Eduardo Mahn, Chile
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    Dr. Mahn graduated from the University of Chile in 2004. He received the German DDS, one year later. The New York University College of Dentistry certified him as Implantologist in 2007. In 2008, he published his doctorate thesis in 2008 titled “Osseointegration of zirconia implants, an in vivo study” and got his doctorate degree in 2010 from the University of Duesseldorf, Germany. Between 2007 and 2009 he worked for Ivoclar Vivadent at the ICDE (International Center for Dental Education), Schaan, Liechtenstein and he is presently a guest lecturer at several universities. He is the author from a variety of articles and has been lecturing intensively about Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology in more than 50 countries. Dr. Mahn is presently the Director of Clinical Research and the Director of the Program of Esthetic Dentistry at the Universidad de los Andes, Chile. He is also an partner at the CIPO Clinic in Santiago, Chile, emphasizing comprehensive implantology, restorative and esthetic dentistry.
Hands-On Course: ● Ceramic Contact Lenses: The Minimal Invasive Way Of Doing Veneers ● Direct Veneers: How to master the shade, shape and texture ● The Direct Injection Technique: Creating Beautiful Forms With Minimum Effort And Maximum Reproducibility ● Diastema closure: Mastering diastema mediale, multiple diastemas and peg laterals ● Preparation rules for CAD-CAM restorations
Dr. Munir Silwadi, UAE
Dr. Munir Silwadi, UAE
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    A B.D.S Graduate in 1975, Dr. Silwadi maintained a general dentistry private practice in Abu Dhabi, UAE as well as in Toronto, Canada.Since 2000, as an M.Sc. specialist prosthodontist, he is running a multi speciality dental center and is limitinghis practice to the fields of prosthodontics, Implantology, and CAD/CAM esthetic dentistry.Opinion leader in the Prosthodontic field for the last eight years.His academic achievements as member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario Canada, Certificate of the Dental Examining Board of Canada, ISCD Certified International Trainer keep his name as a well-known consultant in CAD/CAM.
Hands-On Course:
● Indirect Inlays, Onlays & Partial Crowns
● Indirect Veneers
Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
Dr. Jakob Zwaan, The Netherlands
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    Born in 1962 in the Netherlands. Graduated in dentistry in 1987 at the University of Utrecht, NL and emigrated to Italy in the same year. Operating in a private dental office at Calusco d’Adda(BG, Italy) since 1990 as a general practitioner. First approach to periodontal and implant surgery and implant supported prosthodontics in 1993, continuously updating professional knowledge and skills following lectures and attending courses.

    Lectures and gives hands-on courses on implant related as well as periodontal plastic surgery subjects since 2007. A strong focus on digital treatment planning aided by all means of digital support systems as intra-oral scanning, cbct-scanning and implant planning softwares. Recently integrated in the clinical protocol calibrated smile design procedures for planning and patient communication. Prosthodontic finalizing of (implant) treatment is ever more shifting to CAD-CAM procedures that perfectly combine with and follow up into digital planning.

    Member of the Dutch Society for Periodontology.

    Author of clinical follow-up studies on tapered and narrow implants. Currently doing research regarding accuracy of different methods and components for intra-oral scanning.
Hands-On Course: Digitized treatment: from planning through surgery to the final result
Bill Marais, RDT, SA
Bill Marais, RDT, SA
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    Bill Marais is trained in and has extensive experience in all aspects of dental technology, including crown and bridge, neuromuscular dentistry, (neuromuscular) dentures and implant work. Bill received his Bachelor’s Degree in Prosthetic Science in Cape Town, South Africa. His lab is specialized in (and is known for their success with) complex cases, including implant work, neuromuscular cases and high-end aesthetic restorations. Bill is a leading Key Opinion Leader for Initial for GC America.
Hands-On Course:
● Hybrid Zircona restorations, made in a simple way
● Anterior Biomimtic Course With Lisi Press
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