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17th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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What is the value of attachments/engagers in aligner therapy?

Date: 12 November 2022 | Time: 18:00-19:00 (GST) | Location: Online Event


Aligner attachments also known as engagers or buttons are thought to be an integral component of clear aligner therapy. Despite their common use, there is relatively little evidence for their utilization and efficacy in the scientific literature. The topic is further complicated by the diversity of clinical opinions regarding their use and effectiveness. Some clinicians use attachments/engagers on almost all the teeth while others use none at all. This presentation will focus on the evidence for using attachments and provide insight regarding key tooth movements and situations where they are required and review the relative effectiveness of various designs.  The goal of this presentation is to provide quality information to participants so they can make judicious and effective decisions regard use of attachments in their aligner treatments. 

Lecture Objectives

  • Understand the advantages and limitations of attachments in aligner therapy  
  • Know situations in which attachments add treatment efficacy 
  • Understand attachment fabrication and wear over time 
  • Know how to minimize use of attachments 
  • Understand strategies for the timing of attachment placement in aligner therapy 
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