Dr Matthew Wong, Singapore
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Dr Matthew Wong obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)from the University of London and subsequently his MJDF Post-Graduate Diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons UK. He started his career in the UK serving both the government and private sectors.

Dr Wong carried his passion along with him when he moved to Singapore in 2014. His work is heavily influenced by dental restorative masters around the world. In addition to his flair for clinical work and patient communication, he is also a well-respected international speaker and lecturer on topics such as Restorative, Aesthetic Dentistry and Dental Photography. He is currently serving as a committee member for the College of General Dental Practitioners (CGDP), Singapore.

Dr Wong has been consistently commended for the gentle and soothing manner in which he treats his patients. His high-quality work and the team's focus on ensuring anyone that walks through the door is treated with utmost care and respect, are the pride of Elements Dental.

Originally from Hong Kong, Dr Wong speaks English and Cantonese fluently, while constantly striving to improve his skills in Mandarin. During his free time, Dr Wong enjoys cooking – it was really a toss-up between cooking and dentistry (and it is evident which one won in the end). He still cooks and bakes occasionally, although his prowess in the kitchen could be witnessed by invitation only.