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17th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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From dogma to everyday dentistry in the aesthetic zone: Ingredients and recipes from no prep to prep less

Date: 12 November 2022 | Time: 11:00-12:00 (GST) | Location: Online Event


Part 1 Cosmetic

Restoring tooth in the esthetic zone is a daily challenge. The issue is to predict the final result specially the color balance with the adequate value. Many parameters are concerned (choice of ingot, thickness of the prep, choice of resin cement, color of the substrat).  

The aim of this lecture will be to present recipes when playing with crown, laminate veneer, or no prep restoration in order to suggest a precise clinical protocol according to the clinical situation.  Worn dentition will be presented as well in the same spirit using some original clinical protocol (full mock-up technic). 

Both of these topics have to be treated not in an artistic way (impossible to fit with everyday dentistry) but in a predictable way. 

Style Italiano indirect philosophy will be highlighted in this lecture. 

Part 2 Function

Partial bonded restorations have become for the last fifteen years the most esthetic, biological, and biomechanic solution to restore dental defects and mimic nature. 

At the same time materials, technic, and concepts brought us all the solutions to offer contemporary dentistry to our patients. 

Dental manufacturers offer awesome products. These need to fit with a precise methodology in order to propose solutions to the dentist and improve their daily life. 

The aim of this presentation will be to suggest a simple way of working and thinking which can be resumed by these 3 keywords : simple, teachable, and repeatable. 

Laminate veneer (la facette) would be presented as a versatile tool to solve cosmetic problems but also functional problems (worn dentition). 

Part 3 Implant 

The use of implants has become for the last fifteen years an efficient, safe and predictable solution to restore dental defects and mimic nature. 

The aim of this presentation will be to suggest a simple way of working and thinking based on the final design which can be resumed by these 3 keywords : feasible, teachable, and repeatable.  

The pink part will be driven by the ideal white part guided by the esthetic project (placement of the implant, connected soft tissue graft, customized temporaries, and final restoration ) New type of implant will be presented as a versatile tool. 

Both of these topics use the same philosophy (minimal invasive approaches, ), same bonded materials (CAD CAM material, press material ), same concept (visualization, validation, navigation through the mock-up and guided surgery), and same clinical procedure (prep design, temporisation, cementation). 

The latest material development and their selection according to esthetic, functional, and financial requirements, will be explained.

Lecture Objectives

People will learn during this lecture :  

  • recipes for designing a smile 
  • recipes for specific clinical issues : dyschromia, disposition, single unit, worn dentition 
  • a precise and repeatable method for managing simple and complex cases as well as following a guided protocol 
  • recipes for cementation laminate veneer, tabletop, crown 
  • use of Emax material (lithium disilicate)  / zircon Prime for each clinical indication (choice of ingot, the thickness required) 
  • latest Emax improvement with lab pictures  
  • how to jump into digital dentistry from cosmetic to functional rehabilitation 
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