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MiCD (Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry)  was first introduced back in 2009 by Dr Sushil Koirala and a group of dynamic and forward-thinking clinicians and academicians with the support of Shofu Dental Asia Pacific as the official partner.

MiCD is a holistic patient-centric treatment approach that integrates minimally invasive treatment techniques with aesthetic dentistry to enhance the smile while taking into consideration the psychology, health, function and aesthetics of the patient.

MiCD Movement
The MiCD Global Academy provides skill-based training on MiCD while the MiCD Global Network is an international platform designed to engage link-minded dental professionals who believe in the Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry (MiCD) concept, adopt the MiCD treatment protocols and provide patient-centric care in daily practice.

MiCD Recommendations
Tooth preparation
Diamond points with natural diamond particles are preferred as they provide for accuracy, better cutting efficiency, less clogging and durability.

Restoration with Bioactive Composites
Bio-active properties are proven to improve the clinical performance of restorations with increased predictability. The Shofu range of bioactive universal nano-hybrid composites incorporates the patented S-PRG (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass ionomer) filler technology, where a unique combination of six beneficial ions are actively released to provide bioactive attributes while maintaining aesthetics, physical, mechanical and optical properties of direct resins. The Beautifil range of bioactive composites are available in Packable, Injectable, Flowable and Bulk fill variations to meet the clinicians' individual needs and preferences.


Finishing & Polishing
The MiCD restorative approach always includes the finishing and polishing protocol with emphasis on the importance of selecting the most suitable sequence that helps achieve the finer anatomical details and surface texture to replicate natural tooth surface. The level of high gloss super polish with enamel-like luster achieved would depend on the desired aesthetic outcomes and individual preference of the dentist. 

Super-Snap X-Treme disk system
A comprehensive system with 4 colour-coded impregnated disks designed to be used in sequence for contouring, finishing, polishing and super polishing of direct restorative materials in the anterior aesthetic zone. These snap-on disks are disposable for infection control and have no metal centre for a hassle-free, efficient and predictable polishing experience.

One-Gloss Smart Polisher
Specially designed 2in1 Aluminum oxide impregnated silicone points for finishing and polishing of direct restorative materials. Apply more pressure with intermittent water for fine finishing and surface texturing and feather-light strokes to smoothen the surface. An all in one solution to shape, finish and polish the restorative surface efficiently while reducing chair time.

High Lustre Super Polishing 
Aluminium oxide impregnated thick felt disk designed to super polish the restorative surface to a high shine eliminating the need for messy polishing paste. Just soak in water for 30 sec before use and buff the restorative surface. Also ideal for polishing the tooth surface after routine prophylaxis to increase patient satisfaction.


Direct Dia Polishing Paste & Super-Snap Buff Disk
for those who prefer to use a synthetic felt buff disk with the multipurpose micro-fine diamond polishing paste to achieve an enamel-like high gloss surface luster. Predictable and cost-effective option for daily clinical practice