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Versatile Bioactive Universal Nano-hybrid Composite

Designed for clinicians who prefer a non-sticky, easy to adapt composite with a smooth creamy consistency making it the ideal choice for direct aesthetic restorations in routine clinical practice.

The patented bioactive S-PRG filler technology with a unique combination of six beneficial ions helps provide bioactive properties while maintaining the aesthetics, physical, mechanical and optical properties of direct resins. 

Beautifil II offers:
1. True to nature aesthetics
   – 3 different opacities with natural opalescence
   – Blends well even with a single shade
   – Shade stability before and after cure

2. Protects against secondary caries
   – Minimize plaque formation
   – Neutralize the sugar acids
   – Reduce cariogenic bacteria 

3. Superior handling
   – Non-sticky, non-tacky and smooth consistency
   – Easy to adapt and place saving chair time

4. Long-lasting restorations
   – Remarkable wear resistance
   – Clinically proven performance with 8 and 13-year clinical trials

Available in 14 shades in 3 different opacities to meet the aesthetic needs with predictable outcomes. For more information, please visit: