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Smart Solution to Polish in a Breeze

Super-Snap X-Treme, the proven 4-step, disposable disk system, enables hassle-free, safe and efficient contouring, finishing, polishing and super polishing of all direct aesthetic resins. Impregnated either with silicon carbide or aluminium oxide abrasive grits, these disks are designed with a metal-free center to completely eliminate the risk of blemishes or discolouration on the restoration surface. The unique Christmas-tree shaped mandrel locks in the resilient silicone mount for better control allowing users to easily change disks during sequential polishing.

Super-Snap X-Treme Green and Pink disks help achieve an exceptionally smooth surface with naturally lustrous polish on direct resin restorations, for lasting aesthetics that exceed expectations. This aluminium oxide impregnated disks are designed with extra thickness to enable you to apply greater pressure while having the desired tactile feel. 

Super-Snap X-Treme Disk System is available in 4 grits and 2 sizes (Regular 12 mm & Mini 8 mm) to meet your polishing needs 

  • Coarse Black: Contouring
  • Medium Violet: Finishing
  • Fine Green: Polishing
  • Superfine Red: Super polishing

Recommended Speed: Used dry at a low speed of 10.000 rpm – 12.000 rpm with light, intermittent strokes (0.3N – 0.6N) for maximum control, better visibility and a superior polish

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