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Perfect Combination for an Extra Shine

DirectDia Paste is a multi-purpose polishing paste, impregnated with micro-fine diamond particles (2-4 μ in size)  for intra-oral super polishing of direct composite restorations, natural teeth after cosmetic contouring and after adjustment of porcelain or metal restorations.

The light green smooth paste with a palatable lime flavour provides superior handling and maximum patient comfort when used in combination with the specially designed Super-Snap Buff Disk.

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Super-Snap Buff Disks are made of synthetic felt polishing cloth on the outer surface to retain the polishing paste and minimize splatter or wastage during use. These flexible yet resilient disks easily adapt to natural contours of tooth surface and have a metal-free centre that prevents gouging or discolouration of tooth/restoration

Available in 2 sizes Regular 12 mm and Mini 8 mm diameter 

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