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Inject & Shape for Easier… Faster… Stronger restorations

The need for easier, simpler and faster workflow is critical in dentistry, now more than ever before. Re-engineered nanotechnology with the development of unique S-PRG nano-fillers with nano-optimized silane technology, signals a new milestone in restorative dentistry.

Innovation of the next-generation of universal bioactive injectable composite - Beautifil Injectable X streamlines restorative workflow by offering predictable strength, durability, natural aesthetics with self-polishing capability and the unique “Inject as you Shape” convenience. Patented S-PRG fillers impart anti-plaque and anti-caries benefits for additional protection and longevity of the restoration.

Uniform filler microstructure imparts remarkable optical qualities for easy shade match and effortless, lasting polish with the OneGloss 2-in-1 Smart polishers.

Restore a wide spectrum of anterior and posterior restorations with ease as you can shape them while injecting at the restoration site. The use of custom-made disposable Barrier Sleeves with the ergonomically designed Beautifil Injectable X syringe provides additional protection against cross-contamination. Special syringe design prevents oozing and minimal residual paste in the tip for greater savings.

Available in 2 distinct viscosities in 2.2 gm syringe:

  • Beautifil Injectable X – Universal Restorative
  • Beautifil Injectable XSL – Self-levelling high strength Flow

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