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Poster Presentations 2021

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This category is open to all Dental Students, Interns, Graduate Students, General Dentists or Dental Specialists who have submitted their entries to be presented during the event and is accepted by the Scientific Committee as entries for the Poster Presentation. All other presenters will receive a certificate.



To apply, fill in the form by clicking here.

By submitting your poster presentation:

  • you can expect to receive compliments on your work and critiques that can help you in the future
  • you have the opportunity to practice your presentation skills

Poster Guidelines:

  • All abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee
  • The presenters will have to create an e-poster presentation with a voice recording over (5 min max) that will be sent to an organiser and then to a reviewing person.
  • A short 5 minutes Q&A session will be scheduled with a presenter and a reviewer.
  • The deadline for submission of the e-poster is 01 November 2021.
  • The language is English. 

Please note that the payment of 50 AED (13.6 USD) is required to confirm your attendance.