Nick Mekias CDT, Greece
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Nick Mekias graduated from the National Technological Educational Institute in Athens, Greece as a specialty Dental Technician.

He attended intensive ceramics training in Osaka, Japan at the school of Shigeo Kataoka, Osaka Ceramic Training Center. Nick further trained at Meiningen, Austria at the training center of Creation-Willi Geller and attended an exclusive training with Tomasz Dabrowski in Athens, Greece. 

He is the owner of Pilot dental technician (Pilot Lab Hellas) in Greece and routinely conducts theoretical and practical seminars. Nick is a Shofu International Trainer and has presented many theoretical and practical dental technical seminars at conferences in Greece and abroad focused on ceramics and indirect composites. 

He has a keen eye for detail and aspires to share his passion for perfection with others in the dental community though his cases, lectures and workshops.