Falko Noack, Germany
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Falko Noack has over 8 years of dental technology experience - combined with outstanding studies in Osnabruck to obtain his diploma as a dental technology engineer.

For 6 years he has put this valuable theoretical and practical knowledge to use for developments at AmannGirrbach. He started immediately as a permanent member of the Ceramill Multi-x project team and at the same time was a user in the early days.

As he was also highly qualified for the AmannGirrbach continuing education programme, he gave talks at fairs and conferences and conducted training courses for international business partners.

His competence in this area made him a highly sought-after author for international specialist periodicals in the dental field.

For some months, his special area was a characterization of materials, testing them and subsequently the quality assurance of ZI Blanks. In 2007, he assumed overall responsibility for in-house zirconium oxide blank production for Ceramill ZI.

At IDS 2009, the Ceramill System was followed by the Ceramill Mall, so that AmannGirrbach together with Falko Noack have made the move into digital dental technology. As he is already in charge and is a technical project manager in this next stage of development, his writing is all over the CAD/CAM software.

The latest milestone in the collaboration between AmannGirrbach and Falko Noack: Since October 2009 he has been appointed to the overall management of applications engineering.