Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 20 Nov 2020

Dental Technician International Meeting 2020

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Aesthetic Realization. Connection between Dentists and Technicians

Shade taking procedure with Rayplicker in the office and what information to collect for the development of an aesthetic project.

The daily use of digital tools forces us to find a method to simplify our actions.

To optimize our working time by increasing the quality of our prosthetic achievements, we need to ask ourselves the right questions:

  • What information is necessary for the realization of an aesthetic prosthesis (photo, spectrophotometric study, digital impression, mandibular dynamic information)?
  • How to simplify these steps to make them accessible on a daily basis (integration of the Rayplicker spectrophotometer)
  • How to collect information with the Rayplicker spectrophotometer?
  • How to integrate and analyze it?
  • How to send them to the laboratory?

 In this presentation you will find all the answers at those essential questions.

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