13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Digitized Endodontics : Clinical Applications And Beyond

In the field of endodontics; digital technologies that support the basic goals of diagnosis and modern treatment modalities are becoming reality and part of our day to day practice. Incorporating these technologies is not an added cosmetics to the dental clinics, but strong assist to enhance diagnostic accuracy and improve and treatment outcomes. An important benefit of incorporating these technologies is the dentist with improved efficiency and ergonomics. The propose of this lecture has shed the light on the clinical applications of digital technology in the field of endodontia.

After attending this lecture the participants should be able to :

  • Define digital technology and discuss how it changed the way we practice endodontics
  • Enumerate and clinically correlate the clinical applications of digital technologies in endodontics
  • Realize why micro-surgical approaches for managing endodontic failures result in significantly better treatment results
  • Understand how the mechanism of hard tissue cutting has changed with the utilization of digital sound energy in endodontic practice (ultrasonics and piezoelectric )
  • Overview some of the promising clinical application of lasers in clinical endodontics

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