11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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How to treat CAD/CAM Restorations Surface

Lecture: How to treat CAD/CAM Restorations Surface

The adhesive luting technique allows the modern clinician to place esthetic CAD/CAM restorations with significant preservation of tooth tissue. The clinical challenge with placing non-retentive restorations is not only to optimize adhesion to the remaining tooth structure (enamel, dentin) but also to create a durable bond to the restoration in order to avoid retention loss and damage to the prosthetic work.

There are numerous restorative materials available today from which the clinician can choose – depending on the clinical situation and the patient`s demand: Glass ceramics, Lithium-Di-Silicate, Zirconium Dioxide, composite and precious/ non-precious metal alloys. The ideal surface conditioning method for each of these restorative materials widely differs and can be at times confusing. The dentist needs to have a profound knowledge to carry out this important clinical step correctly in order to achieve long-term clinical success.

This lecture will provide the clinician with an overview of the ideal clinical surface conditioning methods for all the restorative materials available today. In the light of the latest scientific research and clinical outcomes, step-by-step recommendations are presented that can be immediately implemented into daily practice.

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