Why Go Digital: Digital Photography, Digital Cosmetic Imaging, Digital Impression Taking
Hands-on Courses
01 Jul 2020, 14:00 – 18:00 Online Live Demonstration Area of interest: General Dentistry


Many dentists around the world have already integrated aspects of digital dentistry into their practice; many more now want to incorporate. However it can be an expensive, complicated process to go Digital. As a pioneer in digital dentistry, Ian will present his personal story of how he started with Digital Photography 20 years ago, followed by Digital Cosmetic Imaging 15 years ago; the course will start with an overview, videos, and live demonstrations of these two important tools for any modern dentist to master. He will also discuss how Digital Impression taking and the workflow involved can simplify your practice, and improve the quality of the dentistry you provide. Dr Ian is Course Director of DENTER, Dental Education Resources, www.denter.co.uk, whose motto is “Excellence through Simplicity”.

Learning objectives 

  1. At the end of the program, the participants will be able to: 
  2. Understand the value of high quality digital dental photography 
  3. Integrate Photography into their daily practice to provide better dentistry 
  4. Understand the importance of DSD, PSD and other ways to communicate with patients before starting Aesthetic treatment 
  5. Decide on the best way forward to introduce Digital Consultations 
  6. Understand the value of digital impression systems over traditional techniques 
  7. Decide how to select the correct digital scanning system for their practice


14:00 – 14:45
  • Overview of going digital 
  • Why use Digital Photography in your practice 
  • Equipment & Settings required 
  • How to achieve consistency with your photography 
  • Digital Laboratory Communication 
  • Video Demonstrations of clinical photography 
14:45 – 15:45
  • Demonstration of Digital Photography techniques 
  • Twin flash vs Ringflash
  • Simplified Portrait Photography
  • Cross-polarisation & Lab Communication techniques
15:45 – 16:30
  • What is Digital Cosmetic Imaging 
  • Smile Design principles and use of Digital Cosmetic Imaging 
  • The Value of Digital Cosmetic Imaging as a “Sales” tool 
  • Video demonstrations of Digital Cosmetic Imaging 
16:30 – 17:15
  • Use of Adobe Photoshop and Digital Aesthetic Imaging 
  • Closing a Diastema Digitally 
  • Simulating Crown lengthening surgery digitally 
17:15 – 17:45
  • Advantages of going Digital for Impression taking 
  • Past, Present & Future of Digital Scanning 
  • How to decide on a Digital Scanning system 
17:45 – 18:00
Discussion & End of the Programme