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Quadrant makeover dentistry with MiCD


Quadrant dentistry presents many challenges due to multifactorial dental defects that range from Class 1, Class 2, MOD cavities to more extensive carious/non-carious defects involving intra-pulpal inflammation.

MiCD quadrant dentistry provides a multitude of benefits to both the dentist and patient alike by maximizing time, comfort, convenience, and profit. The need for multiple appointments can be avoided by reducing patient anxiety and saving time with a minimally invasive treatment approach to address multiple problems within the same chair time, which helps raise patient compliance, minimizes stress and ultimately, increases revenue for the practice.  

This presentation will focus on basic to advanced techniques including IDS ( Immediate dentine sealing) and DME (deep margin elevation) to restore defective teeth in a more conservative, predictable and aesthetic manner with the use of bioactive restorative solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Minimally invasive approach to quadrant dentistry
  • Prioritizing patient care while increasing profitability
  • Better understanding of the clinical applications of IDS and DME 
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