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Panel Discussion: LESS is IN-embracing MiCD in the new normal

The MiCD Philosophy, Concept and Treatment protocols were first introduced by Dr Sushil Koirala more than a decade ago, with the aim of providing a patient-centric holistic treatment approach that integrates minimally invasive treatment techniques with aesthetic dentistry to enhance the smile while taking into consideration the psychology, health, function and aesthetics of the patient. Since then like-minded dental professionals from across the world have adopted MiCD in routine clinical practice. The MiCD movement has expanded over the years elevating to the next level as minimally invasive treatment becomes more widely accepted with the advances in material technology.

The panel discussion will feature MiCD Global Advocates sharing their experiences and expertise on enhancing patients smiles while integrating the core guiding principles of MiCD into their clinical practice. The session is aimed at exploring, how MiCD has influenced their treatment planning process when providing patient-centred care, in a practical and profitable manner while preserving sound tooth structure. Clinical scenarios where direct restorations based on MiCD principles can be successfully incorporated into everyday dentistry will also be addressed.  

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