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MiCD in the post pandemic era – 4P’s to success


Treatment modalities and protocols of any healthcare service are aimed at establishing health and wellness with a focus on the preservation of natural tissue while achieving optimal aesthetics and function. In the past few decades, the practice of dentistry has gravitated towards a more aggressive treatment approach to increase profitability in the name of beauty and patients’ desires.

The aim of a dental practice should be focused on building a strong, cohesive dental team and increasing profitability while providing the best possible care that meets patients’ needs in a safe and positive environment. 

The aspiration of young dentists, to one day, be practice owners comes with a multitude of challenges and responsibilities, that are not specifically addressed in the dental school curriculum. Keeping this practical reality in view, the speaker introduced the MiCD concept and its treatment protocol in 2009. Based on the “Do No Harm’ philosophy, this holistic patient-centric treatment approach integrates minimally invasive treatment techniques with aesthetic dentistry to enhance the smile while taking into consideration the psychology, health, function and aesthetics of the patient.

Advances in dental material technology, treatment techniques and increased patient awareness have paved the way for minimally invasive treatment to be more widely accepted in routine clinical practice. This presentation will focus on providing an overview on the MiCD-PHILOSOPHY: treatment PROTOCOL, PRACTICE strategy, and PARTNERSHIP approach to help dentists adopt MICD successfully in their practice in a Simple, Fast, Reliable, & Profitable" manner and grow both professionally and personally.

Learning Objectives

  1. Fundamentals of MiCD Concept & Treatment Protocols
  2. How to integrate MiCD successfully in the clinic to increase profitability
  3. MiCD – 3D Principles in Partnership
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