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Benefits of “Bio-active” restoratives containing S-PRG filler in MiCD


In recent years, “Bio-active” restorative materials have been gaining momentum igniting the interest of researchers and clinicians alike. While bio-active functions are sometimes perceived simply as the ability to stimulate mineral formation/remineralization by the release of F- or Ca2+, a wide variety of components based on biological as well as physical/chemical actions can be proposed for “Bio-active” restoratives. 

Bio-active Giomer restoratives, based on the S-PRG filler technology are a series of materials that offer excellent aesthetics and durability, that can be integrated into MiCD treatment protocols successfully. Additionally, these restorative materials are beneficial for a variety of clinical applications as the S-PRG filler incorporated exhibits diverse bio-active functions due to its unique ability to release multiple ions such as F-, BO33− or Sr2+. 

In this Presentation, an overview of S-PRG filler technology and Giomer, as scientifically proven “Bio-active” materials will be provided, and the benefits of these restoratives explained, highlighting the advantages of incorporating these restoratives in daily clinical practice to help increase the longevity of restorations while serving as an aid to oral health.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the definition of “Bio-active” restoratives
  • Understand  the technology of S-PRG filler and its ability to release multiple ions
  • Benefits of including bioactive restoratives with S-PRG filler technology to enhance  restorative outcomes
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