Prof Denis Bourgeois, France
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Prof Denis Bourgeois, former WHO dental officer, is a full-time Professor at the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Dentistry, University Lyon, France. He is a specialist in Public Health and Epidemiology, Health Economics and Periodontics. His activities focus mainly on the global burden of diseases and health policies applied to chronic diseases. As leader or coordinator of international, regional, or national research and development projects, he has contributed to the integrated development of oral health programme activities according to WHO policies of prevention and Health promotion. Prof. Bourgeois has been actively involved in the development of research's activities on periodontal health status and risk factors/behaviours, including tobacco use, nutrition, alcohol, physical activities and other common risk factors to health and systemic diseases (H index: 28). He has given strong support to actions for the improvement of oral and general health in specific populations, especially to support the development of integrated research in chronic health diseases.