Dr Raphaël Richert, France
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Dr Raphael is a biomechanics engineer and dental surgeon. He received his bachelor's with the highest grade in 2007. He attended the Engineering school Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne from 2007-2013. From 2018-2021 he was attending the Laboratory of Mechanics and Structures LaMCoS, (INSA/CNRS) where he obtained his Ph.D. in Biomechanics. In 2018 he received the Certificate in Endodontic Microsurgery from Toulouse Dental Faculty. Currently, he is attending the Diploma in PEdagogy at the Lyon Faculty of Medicine. Since 2022, Dr Raphael is an Assistant Professor at the Dpt Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics at the Lyon Dental Hospital.