Dr. Omid Mashouf Moghadam, Iran
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DMD, MSc Periodontics
Clinical Fellowship in Advanced Implant Surgery, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Having lectured globally at numerous prestigious international events, Dr. Omid Mashouf is a current visiting lecturer at Tehran University lecturing mainly in Periodontology and Implantology.

Expert in Periodontal treatments such as, soft and hard tissue grafting (GTR, GBR) periodontal plastic surgery, non-surgical and surgical periodontal therapy. Focusing in practice, giving lectures and workshops in computer-guided implant dentistry and sinus lifting. Diagnosing and treatment of non-complicated TMD (splint and oral appliances.)

Considered as one of the regions expert clinicians and international lecturer in Periodontology and Peri-Implant Microsurgery, Dr. Mashouf has attended numerous international and oversea trainings in Perio in Zurich, Switserland; Implantology in Bremen, Germany; Anatomical Surgical Training in Vienna, Austria; Aesthetic Dentistry at Malmo, Sweden; and many more.

Dr. Omid Mashouf Moghadam completed his Master of Science in Dentistry specializing in Periodontics from Centro Escolar University Manila Philippines. Prior to that he received his DDM from the same university and Bachelor from Abhar Azad University in Abhar City, Iran. Dr. Omid has also taken a Clinical Fellowship in Advanced Implant Surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran.