Dr Manol Ivchev, Bulgaria
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Dr Manol Ivchev is one of the leading specialists in dental medicine in Bulgaria, whose dental atelier offers holistic treatment of the most severe cases in patients with not only aesthetic, but also functional problems, to whom speaking, chewing, breathing and correct jaw position are damaged.

Dr Ivchev is a third generation doctor, but the first in his family to dedicate his knowledge and skills to dental medicine, and functional orthodontics in particular. He is constantly following the innovations in dental medicine, aiming to implement them in his practice in order to offer to his patient complete treatment and care. Dr Ivchev graduated from the Dental Medicine Faculty at the Medical University in Sofia. He visited the training courses of the world-famous academy for advanced dental education DAWSON ACADEMY and a number of trainings accredited by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek's Institute in Vienna, VieSID. As a result of these trainings, Dr Ivchev started to follow protocols for functional methodical and diagnostics, because they are targeted towards holistic treatment. He is a certified specialist in lingual orthodontics by the Orthodontics Department of the Dentistry University at Daegu, South Korea. He is also certified for treatment of orthodontic anomalies via myofunctional apparatuses, and also for orthodontics with micro implants, again by the Daegu's Dentistry University. Dr Ivchev also graduated from an individual training in functional orthodontics at the Dental Medicine University at Bogota, Colombia, and from a course in treatment of difficult and unusual malocclusions at Wick Alexander Discipline. He underwent an individual training in functional orthodontics and physiotherapy after the protocol of Mariano Rocabado and individual training in functional dental technology and functional Wax-Up. Dr Ivchev graduated from individual training in microsurgery and implantology at the Dentcof Research led by Gustavo Giordani and Marcelo Giordani, a course in Digital Smile Design and Skin Concept in Luxembourg led by Christian Coachman, Florin Cofar, Paulo Kano, Josef Kunkel and Livio Yoshinag, as well as a course in emotional dentistry at the Dentcof Research again led by Florin Cofar. He is a member of the European Society of Dental Ergonomics.