Dr George Sanoop, UAE
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An Educator, a Consultant, a successful Endodontist/ clinician, a much sought-after speaker and a noble personality. Dr.Sanoop is a believer in blended learning and has used his profuse vitality not only to become a skilled dentist but to continue further by pursuing a career as a proficient speaker and community leader. Almost sixteen years’ experience in clinical practice/teaching and currently he is an active speaker at conferences, including radio and television shows.

Experienced teacher to undergraduates and postgraduates and well-known provider of dental education nationally and internationally at conferences through lectures, seminars, webinars and hands-on courses. He has been recognized and honored on various occasions and chaired several sessions organized by well-regarded dental bodies. He has delivered dynamic high end endodontic and other pertinent dental courses for sustaining his professional growth and interest. Along the line, he was instrumental in designing and development of courses mandatory for dental auxiliaries and was involved in key projects serving the community within the education sector. Identifying and applying the dental expertise (in infrastructure and procedures) to fuel the fast-paced and dynamic organizational clinical progress while addressing educational requirements over a long-term period has been his passion.

Sanoop collaborates routinely with endodontist in different parts of the world including US, Europe, and Asia. He is a national and international Opinion Leader to a number of dental companies in the UAE