Dr David Claridge, UK
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David Claridge began his career in 1982, working as a dental technician at a private dental practice in Newbury, England. David has owned two dental businesses- a dental laboratory and a mouth guards business. The dental laboratory specialized in providing high-quality Michigan/Tanner occlusal splints, and the mouth guards business provided a service for schools and clubs, providing custom made mouth guards. In total, David estimates that he has worked with over 50,000 impressions/gypsum models in his time. In 2008, David sold his business interests and joined the digital team at 3MESPE which launched its first digital impressioning system. He is currently the UK CAD/CAM specialist for Carestream's digital impressioning products. As well as training dentists using the digital impressioning systems, David's role involves working with the research & development teams in Paris and Shanghai. David is currently involved with the Carestream Global R&D team, working on Implant and Orthodontic software.