Prof Andrey Akulovich, Russia
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Professor of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Ph.D. Head dentist, Professor Akulovich Teeth Bleaching Centre, Moscow. 

Dr. Andrey Akulovich has graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, Dentistry department at 1996. Now he is DDS, Ph.D. (dissertation work – “Splinting of mobility teeth at periodontal diseases”), lecturer of Saint-Petersburg State Medical University Therapeutic Dentistry Department. President of Society of Color Research in Dentistry, Council of Society for Color Appearance in Dentistry (SCAD), NAED member, “Stomatology Today” newspaper editor-in –chief, “Esthetic Dentistry” Journal, “Parodonontologiya” Journal chief manager. Author apprx. 150 scientific publication. Founder of “Russian Dental Volunteer Organization.” Topics of interests: teeth bleaching, remineralizing therapy, adhesives in dentistry, oral prophylaxys, information technology.