Dr Alberto Miselli, Venezuela
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After graduating at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1980, Dr. Miselli studied at the University of Michigan (USA) for a Basic Oral Rehabilitation Fellowship. He got a specialty of Implantologist at CEYESOV (Center for Odontological Studies and Specializations in Veracriz Mexico). Dr. Miselli is Professor in the Master of Dental Implants at Santa Maria University in Caracas, Venezuela. He is an International Speaker of theoretical and practical courses in Implantology and Supported Implant Prosthesis. Besides that, he is a frequent lecturer and guest professor at dental schools and universities throughout South America. Dr. Miselli is also developer of the innovative Umbrella Concept: “It is the conjunction of concepts on the management of soft tissues around implants, three-dimensionally, to achieve the aesthetics of soft tissues with the preservation of the marginal bone crest over time”. He teaches the Umbrello Concept to dental professionals in courses all over the world.