06 May 2024

Recap of the dynamic pediatric hands-on course led by Dr. LaRee Johnson in Dubai

CAPP recently hosted an engaging pediatric hands-on course led by the esteemed Dr. LaRee Johnson from USA at the CAPP Training Centre in Dubai. The event, held on 03 and 04 May, saw enthusiastic participation from dedicated delegates eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in pediatric dentistry.
Recap of the dynamic pediatric  hands-on course led by Dr. LaRee Johnson in Dubai

Photos: CAPP Events & Training

CAPP extends its sincere gratitude to all the attendees for their active involvement and to Dr. LaRee for generously sharing her expertise and experience.

During the course, participants delved into various essential topics in pediatric dentistry, gaining insights and practical skills in key areas. 

Here's a glimpse of what was covered:

  • Direct Pulp Treatment, Crown Preps, and Space Maintainers
  • Clinical keys for precision caries removal and successful pulpotomies for primary teeth
  • Restorative techniques encompassing stainless steel crowns, zirconia crowns, and resin polymer crowns
  • Essential tips for minimizing root fractures during tooth extractions
  • Hands-on sessions focusing on perfecting the adaptation of bands and loops, and distal shoe space maintainers

The hands-on sessions were particularly enriching, providing attendees with valuable opportunities to refine their techniques under the guidance of Dr. LaRee Johnson.

The Pediatric Dentistry session at CAPP's Training Centre concluded on a high note, with participants leaving equipped with newfound knowledge and skills. 

A special acknowledgment goes to our sponsors, nusmile and Smile Agents, whose invaluable support contributed to the success of the event.

As we wrap up this course, CAPP invites dental professionals to stay tuned for updates on future courses and exciting opportunities. Keep learning, keep growing, and let's continue to elevate standards in dental care together!