22 Apr 2024

Human cadaver courses by CAPP in Dubai on 29th of June

CAPP, the Center for Advanced Professional Practices, is set to host an exclusive opportunity in Dubai on June 29th, offering two remarkable human cadaver hands-on courses. Led by distinguished experts in their fields, Dr. Rami Haidar and Dr. Abdelhakim El Gheriani, these courses delve deep into intricate aspects of facial aesthetics and orthodontic treatment design.
Human cadaver courses by CAPP in Dubai on 29th of June

The first course, "A Human Cadaver Hands-On Course: Neurotoxic Protein, Fillers & Anatomy in Facial Aesthetics," spearheaded by Dr. Rami Haidar, promises an immersive exploration of neurotoxic proteins, fillers, and the intricate anatomy crucial in facial aesthetics.

Simultaneously, Dr. Abdelhakim El Gheriani leads the second course, "A Human Cadaver Hands-On Course: Practical Techniques for Miniscrew (TADs) Placement & Orthodontic Treatment Design." This session focuses on practical techniques for accurate miniscrew placement and designing effective orthodontic treatments.

These courses offer a rare opportunity for professionals to gain invaluable hands-on experience and expertise in cutting-edge practices.

Join CAPP for a one-day human cadaver hands-on courses tailored for dental professionals. These two courses are designed to enhance the participants’ understanding through both didactic and hands-on sessions. With individual human cadavers allocated to each participant, you will have unparalleled access for in-depth exploration and learning.

Seats for this exclusive opportunity are extremely limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss your chance to participate in this transformative training experience.

For those eager to elevate their skills and knowledge in these specialized fields, visit www.cappmea.com/courses for more information and registration details. Don't miss out on this unique educational experience.