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Practical approach to MiCD with direct composite restorations


Advances in material science and technology in recent years has further enhanced the clinical applications of direct restorations providing an opportunity for clinicians to adopt MiCD (Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry) effectively in routine clinical practice. This approach to treatment planning helps clinicians preserve sound tooth structure while optimizing the aesthetic outcomes to meet patient expectations.

This presentation will focus on incorporating the MiCD concept effectively, introducing a practical and easier approach to creating highly aesthetic direct restorations with layering techniques using bioactive composites while Implementing basic dental anatomy concepts to achieve durable, life-like restorations with predictability and better long term prognosis.

Learning Objectives

  • Benefits of adopting MiCD and expanding clinical applications of direct restorations 
  • Detailed case analysis on simplified layering techniques to achieve predictable aesthetics 
  • Importance of enhanced communication and increasing patient confidence 
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