It all starts here. Healthy Mouth. Healthy Body”. World Oral Health Day 2016 celebrated across Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE: On 20th of March, the world celebrated World Oral Health Day across the globe with an aim to put the global spotlight on the importance of maintaining good oral health. The awareness campaign is an initiative of the FDI World Dental Federation.

Dubai, UAE joined the celebrations spearheaded by the Emirates Dental Society, Emirates Medical Association in cooperation with Philips Sonicare, Baraha Hospital, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and the Ministry of Health.

The Emirates Dental Society, Emirates Medical Association in cooperation with Philips Sonicare, Ministry of Health, Baraha Hospital and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing are celebrating the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) at various locations in Dubai, UAE. The event is taking place during the course of an entire week between 20-24th of March 2016. The awareness is based on the initiative of the FDI World Oral Health Day 20th of March 2016. Dental Tribune International is the official Media partner of the WOHD and was present in Dubai to cover the activation event.

Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea: Dr. Aisha Sultan, what is the theme of the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2016 in Dubai?
Dr. Aisha Sultan: The theme of this year’s WOHD 2016 is “It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body” which is based on the concept of the World Dental Federation, FDI celebrated across the world on 20th of March 2016.

What is the main focus for Dubai during this special week?
Dubai is focusing on an overall healthy society. We are proud of our government for officially announcing 20th of March as ‘The Happiest Day’ in the United Arab Emirates every year which coincides with the FDI’s WOHD. Furthermore, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, created a so called Ministry of State for Happiness, a first of its kind in the region and one of the few in the world which will have the responsibility to make the citizens of the UAE happy. The Minister of State for Happiness has set goals on how to implement happiness in peoples’ lives in the country, for both local and non-local citizens. There are certain criteria consisting of 13 tasks that should be implemented to make everyone happy. During this week we are also pleased that the dentists will share this day together with World Oral Health Day.

One of the locations of the celebrations is the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai. What exactly will happen there?
The concept of the celebrations is divided amongst the theme of the activation. The activities lined up for “Healthy mouth” are related to oral health awareness, education and motivation for every person that joins us here today. After the educational part, the visitors will move on to the next station which is the practical part, in order to implement the oral hygiene. We will be explaining how to use the mouth wash and electronical brushes, the visitors will further have the opportunity to practice new brushing techniques explained by professional staff from Philip Sonicare who were also present. For the “Healthy body” part, there is a physical section where the physiotherapist specialists will educate visitors on a proper, healthy body position. Next, there is a clinical examination, just outside of the building in our mobile dental clinic where each visitor is examined and will receive a form with the recommendations on the follow up treatment (cleaning, filling, etc.)

Another location of the activation will at the famous Jumeirah Kite Beach on Thursday 24th of March. What will exactly happen there?
On Thursday we will relocate to celebrate the World Oral Health Day at Jumeirah Kite Beach. We expect to have a large audience, especially families with children. The children will have the same type of examination and education as the previous location. In addition, free dental screenings, checkups, brushing stations, giveaways and professional consultations on visitor’s teeth will be performed in order to strengthen the importance of Oral Health.

Thank you Dr. Aisha, we wish you and team good luck in the awareness campaign.