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The ITI Implant Privilege Mastership starts on 21 October 2022 in the UAE. It is awarded by International Team for Implantology (ITI) and it is accredited for 200+ CME hours. The course is with live surgical patient treatment. Implant placement, impression and delivery are included. Patients will be provided. 

The ITI Implant Privilege Mastership is a modular programme with both theory and mentored clinical elements. The speakers are international, regional and local, all of which are ITI fellows or members.

Within the modules is a dedicated day in detailed case documentation and dental photography to provide the participants with the requirements needed for your privilege license. Also provided is supportive e-learning modules to assist with home study and access to the Simple Advanced and Complex treatment planning tool. Based on the SAC planning tool the participants will simulate models’ variable clinical situations in preparation for the clinical modules.

Besides interactive presentations, the participants will experience clinical video sessions, case discussions which are held as workshops.


Key Facts & Benefits

  • The programme starts on 21 October 2022 and takes place in the UAE
  • The programme facilitates the fulfilment of the current requirements for obtaining privileges to practice Implant Dentistry in the UAE
  • Live surgical patient treatment hands-on training (40% of the programme) is conducted at a University college in UAE. Patients will be provided (participants can bring their own if they wish to). A personal mentor/supervisor for the surgical clinical days is provided. 
  • Accredited for over 200 CME
  • Price is inclusive of 20 or 30 Straumann implants, abutments, prosthetic / lab work and all consumables such as biomaterials (bone substitute and membrane) with a total value of over 40,000 AED (10,900 USD)
  • The theory is split into 6 Modules, in a total of 20 days. The clinical sessions will be split into 8 modules of 2 days each, in a total of 16 days (always on Friday and Saturday)
  • Target audience: ideal for dentists with little or no experience in placing implants and oral surgery but also for a dentist who is looking to further enhance their clinical skills by placing implants in real-life situations.
  • Faculty lead: Prof Bilal Al-Nawas, Chairman of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery Department of Mainz University, Germany. One of the most renowned speakers in Implant Dentistry with over 25 years of training and practical experience.
  • Includes e-learning modules to assist with home study and also a live surgery day with Prof Bilal Al-Nawas
  • Special attention to each single participant 
  • Awarded by the International Team for Implantology (ITI). The programme will lead to ITI Curriculum Certificate Intermediate Level
  • Payment in instalments possible

ITI Curriculum Certificate Intermediate Level

The programme will lead to ITI Curriculum Certificate Intermediate Level.



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