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Dental Technician International Meeting 2021

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Dental Technician International Meeting (DTIM), an annual event dedicated to dental technicians, took place on 05 November 2021 online on a complimentary basis. The event was a part of CAPP November Dental Livestream 2021 and it welcomed 4,600+ participants from around the globe. The international speakers presented and answered questions related to dental technology, CAD/CAM, digital dentistry, multi-layer zirconia, digitalization for dental laboratories, pressed glass-ceramic restorations, monolithic restorations, multi zirconia, shade consistency and many more.


The event welcomed 4,600+ attendees with specialisations such as dental technicians, dental students and other dental professionals in the conference sessions representing a total of 99 countries.

Opening Speech

The event started with an opening speech of Dr Dobrina Mollova, CEO & Founder of CAPP. You can watch the speech in the video below:

Speakers & Scientific Programme

There were 8 international speakers from 8 countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Indonesia and USA connecting with an online audience to share the knowledge and latest developments in the dental technology world. The following speakers were presenting their scientific presentations throughout four days of the event:

Kang Chienming, Taiwan, China – How to control the surface treatment of multi-layer zirconia to make aesthetic restorations
Vanik Kaufmann, MDT, Switzerland – The Past – The Present – The Future
Jorgen Gad, ADT, MDC, Norway – The benefits of digitization for dental laboratories
Jürgen Seger CDT, Switzerland – Pressed glass-ceramic restorations: Where? Why? How?
Dr Martin Lebeda, CDT, Czech Republic – Digital dentistry concept. Dental laboratory procedures for successful restorations
Dr Kelvin Tantono, Indonesia – Harnessing the aesthetic potential of monolithic restorations
Wolfgang Krispler, Switzerland – Multi zirconia – Status quo!
Daniel Alter MSc, MDT, CDT, USA – Achieving maximum shade consistency in processing zirconia

Many thanks to our moderators, for the insights and coordinating the event:

Virtual Break with the Sponsors

During the virtual breaks within the programme, the sponsors' representatives had the opportunity to showcase various product presentations, case studies, PowerPoints, product videos, and other informative material of the latest products and innovations.

Sponsors, Partners & Media Partners

The top leading dental manufacturers sponsored the conference further contributing to advanced dentistry in the digital era.

CAPP would like to thank all sponsors, media publishers and scientific partners for supporting the CAPP November Dental Livestream continuing dental education programme. The sponsors included Dentsply Sirona, Planmeca, Aidite, medical, Align Technology, Oral-B, MegaGen, Ivoclar Vivadent, Straumann Group, Shofu Dental, Carestream, Philips Zoom, Philips Sonicare, Ormco, GSK, NSK, Henry Schein Orthodontics, Carriere, Reveal Clear Aligners, Fondaco Pte Ltd, W&H, medit, NextDent, Ultradent Products, GC, 3D Systems, Swiss Endo Academy, FKG, CAstle General Trading, Middle East Dental Laboratory, Scorpios International LLC, DME, Al Hayat, masar, iTena Clinical Products, Curaden, HuFriedyGroup, Vital Alliance Co Ltd and Dentegris.

CAPP November Dental Livestream was supported by the following scientific partners: Saudi Dental Society, Singapore Dental Association, Kuwait Dental Association, iDental Courses, International group for Oral Rehabilitation, Lebanese Dental Association, The Lebanese Orthodontic Society, Oman Dental Society, Iraqi Dental Association, Saudi Orthodontic Society (Digital Orthodontics Scientific Partner), Association of Orthodontists (Singapore), AALZ Aachen Dental Laser Center, British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD), British Academy of Dental Implantology (BADI), Tipton Training, International College of Dentists, Emirates Dental Hygienist Club, FDC Academy, Q & M Dental Group and Association for Oral Health Therapists Singapore, EMOVA, International Team for Implantology (ITI), JTK Bangladesh, Tawassol.

"I have no doubt that the event earned a positive response since you guys were behind every single detail in it, congrats to every one of your team,  this success will lead to a greater achievement in the years to come " – Aiham Farah, DT, Syria

"Thank you for this interesting event." – Sura Khalid

"Very informative Mr Kang." – Shazia Bukhari

"Every speaker's presentation is full of knowledge." – Shazia Bukhari

"Thank you very much CAPP for this great event." – Ahmad Ali Jassim Almutawah

"Thank you very much for the great information." – Taisir Alchoughri

"Thank you Mr Juergen for a wonderful presentation." – Azita Estaki Alivand

"Dr Kelvin thank you for your great lecture and very educational indeed.  Look forward to your further enlightening lectures again." – Patrick Loke

"Doctor we really appreciate you gave so much information, every time I am about to ask you a question you give the answers. Hats off. Especially how you achieve the colour in different zones of the tooth by staining. Really wonderful and masterful aesthetic full shape restoration." – Ziad

"Very very nice lecture, thank you Seger." – Thanh Cao

"Very inseparable Thanks again." – Satyendra Kumar

"Amazing webinar." – Alarmashni Mohammed

"Fantastic presentation. Thanks CAPP for this event." – Hiba Habib

"Thank you so much for your presentation." – Tourn Nara

"Thank you very much Dr Martin. Your explanation was so clear and precise." – Helen Yang

"Thank you so much. Please I really need to rewatch this lecturer." – Oscar Anuforo

"Perfect presentation." – Emerson Lim

"Thank you CAPP for organizing this webinar and the speakers." – Sumayya Babu

"Thank you Dr Kelvin for the presentation, very detailed and informative." – Chua Hoay

"Wonderful and clear presentation. Congratulations." – Dr Cyanthi Senviratne

"Really great presentation." – Satyendra Kumar

Thank you all for making this event such a success.
See you next year!

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