Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 05 Nov 2021

Dental Technician International Meeting 2021

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Harnessing the aesthetic potential of monolithic restorations


An increasing number of digital dental laboratories are being set up on the premise that digital technology enhances efficiency and boosts productivity. Widely marketed benefits such as quick turnover, cost-efficiency, and lower human intervention, attract many new laboratory owners to join the era of digital dentistry. 

However, there remains a missing link. The simplified workflow of digital dental labs has definitely ensured uniformity of restorations for most labs, but ironically this has also resulted in final monolithic restorations that lack natural aesthetic quality. How many times do we find restorations with no individual characteristics?

The existence of more digital dental labs means greater competition. During his presentation the speaker will address, how and what can we do to make our monolithic restorations stand out in the crowd? How can we attract more potential clients with digital restorations that are unique to each patient? Are there simple steps that we can take to optimize the benefits of the digital dental labs while preserving the high aesthetic quality of our monolithic restorations?

Learning Objectives

  • How to create monolithic restorations that stand out in a crowd of competitors
  • Apply simple yet effective techniques in the daily workflow of digital dental labs
  • Develop the right mindset on the usage of technology in the dental lab
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