Online Event | UAE Timezone (GST) 20 Nov 2020

Dental Technician International Meeting 2020

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Innovative Patient Treatment. The New Smile Prototyping with 3D Virtual Patient Reproduction and New Zirconia Innovations

Learning Objectives

  • Realization of excellent aesthetic and functional dental restorations with digital solutions
  • Digital Creation of mock up and thin zirconia veneers 
  • Manual and software tipps to simplify and optimize dental technicians’ daily work 


An exceptional restoration originates not only from the good choice of materials and the team dexterity, but also on the approach taken by the team. The conference, held by DT Alexander Lichtmannegger, will focus on how to recreate the patient’s natural harmony of forms through state-of-the-art technologies as well as work approaches based on the pooling of the dentist’s and dental technician’s strengths and expertise for the final benefit of the patient. By showing real patient cases, the lecturers will explain how to record as well as transfer patient data 1:1 in the software with no loss of information and how to use the obtained 3D virtual patient reproduction of physiognomy and oral situation as the basis for the manufacture of highly customised and predictable restorations. He will focus on the digital creation multifunctional mock-ups and the new ultra-thin Prettau® zirconia veneers. In this context, they will provide an explanation of new zirconia cementation techniques, innovative methods to get individual previews of the treatment without grinding the natural teeth and software tools for the quick design of set-ups, like 3D face animation concepts and already-articulated tooth libraries. 

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