Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Pitfalls in 3D CBCT Imaging

Learning objectives

  • To understand the principles of 3D imaging 
  • To understand radiation safety and when to prescribe CBCT scans
  • To be able to understand where the pitfalls lie in CBCT technology and in the software manipulation
  • To learn about basic software tools for 3D dental diagnosis

Although modern CBCT technology can render the most beautiful 3D datasets with extremely high resolution images at very low doses, it seems in practice that several obstacles still lead to improper use of the technology, and this on two levels.

Not only are we once more faced with an increased risk of overexposure of our dental patients, but furthermore it can be seen that misinterpretation of the 3D volumes may lead to inadequate treatment choices. Given the large amount of data and tremendous amount of software tools, 3D diagnosis has become a complex and delicate task which may even limit its adoption by certain practitioners lacking adequate training. It is thus the purpose of this lecture to show general dentists where the difficulties and pitfalls of 3D imaging lie, how to overcome them, and introduce basic diagnostic tools and skills for day-to-day clinical cases in the several fields of dentistry.  

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