Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Implant Dentistry “It was Better Before”.


The presentation will go through the evolution of implant treatments, products and concepts. Today more or less everyone is doing implants and companies are claiming that to do implants you hardly need any training at all since it is so simple. It is true that products and concepts today is very simple to use but there is a saying “you need to learn to walk before you start running” and the same goes for implants if you want to have a successful and predictable result. Implant treatments is not carpentry it is a treatment concept that should be used for the right indications and done in the best possible way for the benefit of the patient. For that reason I’m happy to see that the trend today is to take on more and longer postgraduate trainings program like the CAPP Certification and Diploma programs. Upon completion of this presentation participants should be able to describe the different benefits of using different treatment concepts, explain different implant designs and it’s pros/cons and advantages and disadvantages of different treatment and loading concepts.

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