Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Digitalisation of Dentistry: A new bridge between Prosthodontics and Orthodontics


The development of dentistry towards digitalization has brought improvement in many specialties. Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics is no different. Due to digitalization, many new techniques progressed. Impression taking, lingual orthodontics, aligners and individualized archwire fabrications are just the most common-known applications of digitalization and CAD-CAM in our field. However, other CAD-CAM applications can also enable orthodontics as we know it.


Our work aims to introduce the possibility of using individually specifically designed 3D printed crowns or crowns processed with the CAD-CAM for temporary purposes during orthodontic treatment in multidisciplinary cases.

Material and Methods: An in-vitro experiment was designed. Special Temporary Crowns for premolars were obtained by two methods. First, a common computer aided design was obtained and then it was milled in the Sirona Cerec Milling Machine but also printed using a 3D Printer. The particularity of these crowns was the embedding of the bracket on the buccal surface. Optical properties of the bracketed crowns were assessed using a spectrophotometer, the mechanical properties were tested using the Lloyd Universal Testing Machine. All results were compared to brackets bonded to enamel and brackets bonded to crowns.


The experimental crowns with brackets were superior in mechanical testing than regular bonded brackets. For certain crowns, spectrophotometric assessment was also inclined towards a more esthetic treatment appliance than the classical alternative.

Conclusions: With further research and slight investment in software design, the two types of crowns represent valid alternatives for bonding in multidisciplinary orthodontics.

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