Online Event 12-14 Nov 2020

15th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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Complete Digital Workflow for Single-Unit Implant Restorations

Dual Presentation Accompanied by Vincent Fehmer, MDT

Digital tools and applications have become an integral part of daily life. In the same way, computerized media play an essential role in the development of implant dental medicine. Virtually based technologies offer additional options, starting with diagnostic imaging, treatment planning involving guided implant placement, and extending to intraoral optical scanning as well as chairside processing for the final restorations.

Digital dental workflows allow the production of anatomically full-contoured, or so-called monolithic, implant-supported restorations. For the treatment of single-tooth gaps in posterior sites, monolithic implant crowns can be milled out of CAD/CAM-blanks and bonded to prefabricated stock abutments without any physical models - guaranteeing a seamless and validated complete digital workflow.

However, how many bits ‘n’ bytes are necessary to fulfil the dentist ́s and patient ́s expectations satisfying clinical and technical requirements in routine practice today? The lecture aims to present a current overview of treatment protocols in the field of chairside digital implant dentistry. Clinical and technical workflows are shown step-by-step for monolithic single-unit implant restorations. In addition, time/cost - analyses are presented for different treatment protocols comparing digital and conventional workflows.

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