13th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

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3D Printing In The Full Digital Workflow

 Trying to get around Digitalization of the dental workflow is becoming very difficult. The quality aspects of the digitalized treatment approach are becoming more and more apparent. Dental laboratories are up and running with CA Designing of crown and bridge work and frameworks for removable dentures as well as CA milling and printing of these appliances. Analogue impressions are scanned in the dental lab and in this way placed in the digital environment. Digital implant treatment planning has been embraced by many working in oral implantology. Intraoral scanning gives dentists the possibility to get away from analog impression taking and integrate the digital files into their treatment planning. The dental implant industry has to provide restorative dentists with scanning abutments so they can take IO scans of the implants as well. The software is available for dentists using open scanning systems to go further and plan large fixed dental prostheses but also CAM these using milling and 3D printing technology. In this presentation, the role of 3D printing in the digital workflow as it is available for dentists today will be discussed.

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