11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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How digital a smile can be? SKYN concept

Lecture: How digital a smile can be? SKYN concept

The world definitely switched to digital solutions. And dentistry is not staying aside. The preciseness, fastness, control of the CAD/CAM procedures are amazing.

But in the process of creating a smile, there are much more than scanning and milling. To create natural beauty we need to go much deeper. How to achieve natural looking restorations? How to incorporate the act of creativity into a digital project? How to use technology to create unique masterpieces, not serial production?

Can we eliminate some of our routine procedures such as Wax-up and replace them with direct SKYN Mock-up? And what would be the benefit for our patient and for us?

Should we imitate nature, or should we copy it?

SKYN Concept is all about digital expression of a naturally created perfection.

A clinical point of view.

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