11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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Digital Solutions for Today and Tomorrow & understanding Materials Optimized for Digital Dental Applications

Presentation will cover the following areas

1. Materials

Selecting the right material to achieve highest aesthetics and be cost efficient with CAD/CAM.

2. Staining

internal and external stain techniques and how it will contribute to the successful fabrication of natural looking teeth. VKJ will introduce various staining techniques, surface texture to help you discover simple but powerful ways to perfect your work.

Things are changing in the dental field in a rapid manner. It seems like every month there are new techniques and materials being introduced to the market. For sure we know that our profession is changing and going big time digital. Digital technology and digital workflows allow us to be more economical safe cost and create with new materials excellent aesthetics. In the last six years I have been part of a beta testing group testing new materials and techniques to be used especially for minimum invasive preparations. Also the trend with hybrid type materials especially for implant solutions has been part of our research and testing. During this presentation you will see trends in which direction technologies is going. Hybrid materials and what benefits it has brought to the dental world. The next generation Lithium glass ceramics enforced with Zircon oxide. A direct approach for easy shade selection in less than 30 seconds that guarantees you the right shade. I will also talk about where we are standing in modifying crowns or veneers before bonding in the patient's mouth.

The learning objectives of this presentation is:

Possibilities with CAD/CAM

Choosing the right chairside Material.

Knowledge of what materials to be used.

Create high aesthetics.

Improve the quality of restorations.

Producing more economical work.

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