11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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CAD/CAM technology, easier, faster and better than ever...

Lecture: CAD/CAM technology, easier, faster and better than ever...

All-ceramic restorations provide better esthetics and biocompatibility than metal ceramics. However, many early all-ceramic systems were plagued by relatively low fracture strengths and an uncertain long-term clinical behavior. Current high-strength ceramic materials provide fracture strengths and fracture toughness up to ten times higher than that of traditional ceramic materials.

Traditionally dental lab technologists have manipulated metals and ceramics using centuries-old methods. These methods are time-consuming, sensitive and unpredictable. With multiple steps, many variables and a need for innate hand-eye coordination skills. For many years, CAD/CAM dental restorations have been considered novel and on the cutting edge of treatment technologies. Even today, only a small percentage of practicing dentists use CAD/CAM-generated restorations in routine practice.

However, in the last years, we have seen a strong new interest. We are opening the doors to a new era in Dentistry. CAD/CAM technology is not only here to stay—it will be the standard in dentistry in the very near future.

The lecture will analyze the history and the improvements in CAD/CAM technology. The properties, advantages, and indications of new blocks are going to be discussed and new cementation techniques with the latest improvements are going to be presented.

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