11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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Bond it or Lose it – How to fix Prosthetic Restorations in Daily Practice

Lecture: Bond it or Lose it – How to fix Prosthetic Restorations in Daily Practice

The reliable bond to enamel achieved with the adhesive luting technique has greatly impacted preparation designs resulting in the significant preservation of tooth structure. The conservation of both enamel and dentin has become an important issue for dentist and patient. The combination of highly translucent all-ceramics and resin composite cement has opened up a new dimension in esthetics fulfilling the highest patient demands. Clinical data confirm the long-term success of all-ceramic restorations.

However, adhesive luting techniques require a careful and meticulous clinical protocol. This stage can be considered very critical for a successful outcome and needs as much care as the preceding stages. Once a restoration is cemented there is no scope for modification or repeat. The clinician needs to establish a lasting bond to the tooth surface (enamel, dentin) as well as to the prosthetic restoration (e.g. glass ceramics, Lithium-Disilicate, Zirconium Dioxide, metal alloys). Specific guidelines must be carefully followed in dealing with these clinical challenges.

The lecture will provide an overview of the various cementation techniques and materials available today. It is the goal of this lecture to enable the clinician to apply the new techniques and materials correctly in order to achieve a long-lasting and sturdy bond.

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