11th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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ABB - from the Simple to the Interceptive Restorative

Lecture: ABB - from the Simple to the Interceptive Restorative

Why treat anterior crowding? Straightening teeth is not just an aesthetic treatment because teeth continue to move throughout ones’ life, so all patients with even mild anterior crowding are at risk of increasing crowding, occlusal instability, and uneven wear. Making adult patients aware of these problems and offering interceptive orthodontic treatment is a great service for patients and simple for GDPs to provide. Tif will talk about how simple anterior tooth alignment combined with bleaching and bonding, can be one of the most minimally invasive ways of improving smiles in a more progressive ethical way.

The lecture will cover the basics for simple tooth alignment planning, consenting patients with the latest techniques in digital analysis and planning. He will also cover the use of modern composite materials for simple noninvasive edge bonding that can also improve the patients function, guidance and prevent natural, aging, occlusal changes and the use of simultaneous bleaching technique. The concept of Progressive smile design (PSD) through ABB (Alignment, Bleaching, and bonding) can mean that any dentist in any practice can offer safe, aesthetic patient led treatments.

Implementing ABB (Alignment Bleaching and Bonding) into general practice

- Know the protocols and planning of simple tooth alignment

- Understand the process of simultaneous tooth whitening

- What edge bonding materials are available?

- Understand the practical use of ABB interceptive restorative dentistry.

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