10th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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A Decade of Successful “Continuing Dental Education”
By the Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPPMEAMEA)

DUBAI, UAE:  May 2015 will mark a significant milestone in the history of the Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPPMEA) in Dubai, which has come to celebrate its 10th anniversary. This event is a landmark not only for CAPPMEA but also for the entire Dental Society in the Middle East, who have participated in CAPPMEA’s Continuing Dental Education programmes. The dentists are those who are at the forefront, driving the industry in the right direction through valuable feedback, experience and increasing demand for highlevel technology and education.

                Due to the hard work of our colleagues, sponsors, partners and supporters for the last 10 years, CAPPMEA has built a frontrunner standard committed to the highest echelons of continuing dental education. A big “Thank You” is owed to all participants, followers and partners, having helped CAPPMEA develop the professional training tools adjusted to the specific needs of the region.  

                CAPPMEA has been an American Dental Association (ADA) C.E.R.P Recognized Provider for the last 3 years, specializing in CME and CPD dental programmes – conferences, hands-on courses, workshops and self-instruction events. During the past 10 years, CAPPMEA facilitated over 350 CME programmes with over 52,000 international participants taking part. With the opening of CAPP Asia in 2012, the professional reach of CAPPMEA expanded to the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. In 2012 CAPPMEA also joined a global family of 96 publishers by becoming the proud license owner of the Dental Tribune Middle East & Africa edition. Over the last 3 years, CAPPMEA has delivered yearly six print and digital newspaper publications to over 45,000 dental professionals in the MEA region, 24 newsletters to more than 45,000 active online subscribers, and through an international website the latest industry news and scientific articles are reaching the largest dental community worldwide – an audience of over 800,000 dental readers.

A Decade of Education – Passion for Quality and Perfection

                “It is unimaginable how fast time has passed. It is already 10 years that I started CAPPMEA as a center for professional training, quickly growing into the creation of two very important international conferences, namely CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry and Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conferences. Today, even if I would want, it is not possible to stop these events. There is a huge demand for the education and showcasing of the fast developing dental industry.” – Dr. Dobrina Mollova, Managing Director CAPPMEA, emotionally commenting on the achievements.

                The 10th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference will be celebrated jointly with CAPPMEA’s 10-year anniversary. The journey in the last decade came along with many challenges related to the incredible pace of growth of industry and new technologies, particularly in digital dentistry. Ten years ago, one could not imagine that such opportunities existed. They are now able to change dentistry and improve dramatically the patient care. All from diagnostics, planning to the treatment in term of precision, time consuming and aesthetic treatments.

                What has been accomplished in the past 10 years is truly significant. CAPPMEA would like to express its highest appreciation of the role of our business partners, industry, sponsors and supporters in helping CAPPMEA make the success story that it is today. Appreciations go out to all who have worked with CAPPMEA, sharing the challenges and the passion that come along. Thanks to all dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists and assistants, who followed us in this decade of fast development of dental industry and technology. We look forward to another decade of being together.

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Scientific Committee

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  9. Mr. Rodny Abdallah CDT – Lebanon Office
  11. Dr. Jamal Kachouh AHS – UAE, AL AIN
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