9th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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Is CAD/CAM the Future due to Biological Risks of Direct Filling Materials?

In former times discussions about biological risks of filling materials were mainly related to amalgam due to its content of mercury, whereas dental composites seemed to be "the good ones". However, new research shows, that there are lots of biological risk factors by inserting composite-materials into the oral cavity mainly because of organic chemical compounds.

Allergies against dental composites are increasing. Estrogenic effects in the fertility of mice were shown due to TEGDMA and bisphenol A as ingredients of composite materials. In a clinical study, bisphenol A and other compounds in human saliva and urine were associated with the placement of composite restorations in the mouth.

Another study concludes, that the use of these materials should be minimized during pregnancy whenever possible. The final recommendation of another research project is, to minimize the open surface of composites in the mouth. Against this background, CAD/CAM restorations might be a way to reduce the biological risk factors of composite restorations.

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