9th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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High Performance CBCT and Intraoralscanners In Modern Implantology - A State of The Art Review

In modern dentistry digital technology is more and more replacing the classical impression techniques. During this lecture will be demonstrated how digital technology made its way from the early beginning with all it's difficulties and problems to today's easiness in daily use.

The possibilities of a complete virtual planning will be shown, starting from pre-implantology via 3-D planning as an intermediate step and individualized prosthetics.

This lecture will show the capabilities that the use of latest technologies could offer the modern surgeon and the high continuous development of the last years.

The complete procedure will be demonstrated on clinical cases step by step.


  • Showing the importance of pre-operative planning
  • Providing an overview of CAD/CAM possibilities
  • Demonstrating the complete treatment incl. intermediate steps
  • Definition of the benefits for the surgeon/patients
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