9th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry International Conference

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Do You Have All the Pieces of the Puzzle?

The world of dentistry is constantly evolving, with rapid advances in technology and increased patient awareness and demands. Treatment planning of more complex cases requires the collection and consideration of multiple factors, which could be likened to pieces of a puzzle.

With regard to digital imaging, often this is limited to use of radiographs, exhibiting information in only 2 dimensions. However the advent of CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a real breakthrough within the dental field offering many advantages: ease of access to facilities, low radiation dose to patients, high definition images with very small voxels, combined with the possibility to see the tooth and the surrounding structures in three different planes, overcoming any anatomical overlapping?

With accurate images at a much lower radiation dose to the patient, the clinician can more readily justify the radiation rather than run the risk of not having all the available information.

With particular regard to implantology, the 3Dimensional images are excellent when used to communicate the process to the patient, increasing understanding and patient acceptance.

Can we or should we plan and execute our treatments without the added insight that can be provided by utilizing the latest in 3D CBCT imaging?

Cases will be considered that highlight the additional information revealed using 3D CBCT that was not identified using 2D images. In addition, cases will demonstrate the versatility and applications combined with the enormous advantage 3D CBCT offers, with interactive and intuitive software facilitating "virtual case planning".

Why should delegates attend your presentation?

To gain an insight into the diverse applications of CBCT

What are the key learning aim, objectives and anticipated outcomes for your presentation?

Understand limitations of 2D imaging

Awareness of applications and versatility of CBCT

Appreciate usefulness of CBCT in case planning

What do you want attendees to do, back in practice, having attended your presentation?

To evaluate cases more fully and consider if a CBCT would be beneficial and justifiable for the patient and the clinician.

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